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  • Zainab Malik

Tomorrow - by Zainab Malik

This sonnet revolves around the idea that tomorrow is a blessing because it has no mistakes, allows sinners to have a second chance, covers their faults of the previous day, and is pure because nothing wrong has been done in it. The narrator of the poem is longing for tomorrow’s arrival and describes her while doing so. However, towards the end of the poem, the day is coming to an end and she has not arrived because tomorrow becomes today, making her intangible forever.

Every dawn with the rise of the daystar

Immerse and cleanse me in second chances

Fiercely gaze with possibility’s stare

Dear Tomorrow, as every day passes

Rekindled are my hope and certainty

Driven snow knows no one the likes of thee

Evening clouds blanket sins of yesterday

How merciful was the one who gifted thee

Stringed is the lyre with every soft step

Love is the artist and we are the art

Rose-colored glasses veil my dark thoughts kept

Subdue yesterday’s pain and numb my heart

With the evening setting evanescent sphere

Showered upon me your twinkling tears.


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