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The MIST Crew Reunites

March 2023 witnessed our school's students shine at the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament, and now, they're coming together for a memorable reunion at the Memphis Islamic Center.

The Muslim Interscholastic Tournament (MIST) is an annual, nationwide event in which Muslim high schoolers get to compete in religious studies, arts, humanities, and much more. PVS students are able to enhance skills including communication, creativity, and critical thinking. This growth occurs within an enriching Islamic environment that not only celebrates their achievements but also emphasizes the core values of integrity and community as central pillars of their experience.

On Saturday, September 16, MIST competitors met up at MIC for a fun get-together in which the participants engaged in friendly soccer matches, enjoyed a game of tag, and even reminisced about the thrilling moments of their past competitions. Not only did it allow friends from different schools to reunite, but it also reaffirmed the sense of community and belonging cultivated by the MIST experience many months prior.

“It allowed me to feel nostalgic and look back on all the fun experiences we had at MIST,” Sama Shamoon, a current junior, recalled when asked about the experience.

“The experience was warm and comfortable because I had already known the people there, so it was extremely easy to make conversation.” Zaynab Ali, another junior, added. “These gatherings, especially with our Muslim community, are such a great way to bond with people who are similar to you—from going to the same school as you to sharing the same religious beliefs.”


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