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  • Suha Faruk

Sweets and Solidarity: A Muslimah Initiative Bake Sale

The Muslimah Initiative Club, a group dedicated to fostering a safe and beneficial community for female students, hosted a fundraising bake sale for Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA)’s women’s programs on October 12th. IRUSA’s programs aim to aid women in Muslim-majority countries such as Palestine or Yemen by funding healthcare, education, sanitation, and other  empowerment programs. 

The club members put together stands of various treats and trinkets for sale, including a carefully organized dessert table, well-loved Marco’s pizza, and many kinds of bracelets. Younger students waited in long lines for the popular Kool-Aid-flavored cotton candy. Friend groups of all ages took Polaroid pictures in front of a backdrop adorned with streamers and balloons, with a plethora of fun props to hold or wear. People participated in a game in which they attempted to guess the number of M&Ms in a jar, the winner of which was announced during prayer and was later given the whole box later on.

“My favorite part was the homemade desserts, which really showed dedication,” said Hafsa Khan, a former PVS student and club member who had been visiting, “I think the cause is really nice; it supports Muslim women in areas they might have difficulty supporting themselves. It’s what the club aims for.” In the end, the club reached nearly $1,200 to support their cause.


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