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  • Sumaya Sultan-Ali and Teanir Yusuf

Student-Led Hygiene Initiatives: Building a Healthier Community at PVS

To help our middle and high school students, the PVS Health Equity Club launched a new project directed at hygiene. The project involves placing free hygiene products within the school bathrooms. This makes it easier for our students to access and use these products, such as sanitary napkins, when needed.

The impact will be very beneficial, but how did this beneficial project come to be? The Health Equity Club noticed that although public restrooms frequently accommodate their visitors with sanitary napkins and other hygiene products, our school does not. The club members wanted to change this.

Aisha Duldul, co-president of the club, commented on how they made this project, saying that ”the hygiene project was first thought of because, after PE or recess, children wouldn't be very fresh and would cause problems for people who were just in the room with them. Of course, we all know that cleanliness is half of Iman, and so we were attempting to help the kids maintain this half of their Iman.”

The club chose to make everyday items accessible, even beyond the spectrum of normally offered hygiene products. By including products like perfume and reusable deodorant along with sanitary napkins, they better served the needs of our students.

The club plans to obtain funds from the school budget to pay for the supplies and has already made a list of hygiene products they need. They hope that students will employ the honor code by using items only when needed, and plan to buy single-use products when possible.

Duldul explained the club’s plan and said, ”We were attempting to bring in deodorant and other products and implement an honor system so that people could both enjoy the products and make sure we were also not being wasteful.”

Hopefully, this project will encourage student hygiene and help our students when they don't have the necessary hygiene products on them at school.


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