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  • Minha Alam

Shooting Hoops for a Cause: UNICEF Basketball Event Raises Funds for Palestine

The Memphis Islamic Center echoed with cheers and goodwill on November 11th as boys from grades six and up showcased their basketball skills for a cause larger than the game itself—the aid of Palestine. In its second year, the UNICEF Basketball Event proved to be a slam dunk success!

The court witnessed intense games, with Eesa Hashmi, Ahmed Sarr, Ahmed Mohammed, and Foday Sheriff coming out on top. Their dedication and sportsmanship shone through every dribble and shot. The tournament, held to support Palestine, garnered an impressive $1000 in donations. "Boys from grades 6th and up competed in this tournament to raise money for Palestine. The event was a huge success, with the club collecting nearly $1000 in donations!"

Beyond the competition, this event highlighted the unity and compassion within the community, showcasing the power of sports to make a difference. The Memphis Islamic Center once again served as a hub of solidarity and generosity, emphasizing that every small action contributes to a larger impact.

As the final buzzer sounded, it wasn't just about winners and scores; it was a triumph of collective effort, demonstrating how a shared love for basketball can bring about meaningful change. The UNICEF Basketball Event exemplified the spirit of giving back, proving that through sports, communities can come together for an important cause.


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