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  • Nia Yusuf

Senior Spotlight: Noor Khatib

To the left: Noor Khatib, Middle: Abeer Khatib, Right: Tasneem Khatib

1. Tell us about yourself (3-4 facts).

  1. I like reading and crocheting.

  2. I love fruits and vegetables.

  3. I have three best friends that I would die for.

2. What motivates you to put forth your greatest efforts?

My family and my religion motivate me to put forth my greatest effort. I want to represent my religion in a good and right way and make my parents proud of me.

3. How do you intend to use what you have learned in PVS to benefit you as you go through life?

I have learned so much in PVS from general knowledge to religious knowledge to speech-giving and so much more. I made lifelong friends who I know I can trust with my life. Everything I’ve learned or gotten out of PVS will hopefully help me be the best version of myself in the future and I will continue to grow and increase my faith as life goes on.

4. What advice or suggestions do you have for Freshmen, Sophomore and Juniors in high school that would help them prepare for their Senior year?

Don’t procrastinate, do your best in everything, try your hardest, and any advice given to you, don’t take it lightly, especially if it’s from someone who cares for you. Be happy.

5. How has the application process been so far and did you benefit from the common app week?

The application process is very stressful and draining. I won’t lie and say it gets any easier because it didn’t for me, but once you are done, you’ll feel very relieved. That, I know. The common app week gave me time to just focus on fixing and completing my personal essay, finish college applications, fill out my FAFSA, work on my common app, and complete a lot of my work. It was quite a productive week.

6. What is one thing you will miss about PVS when you graduate?

One thing I will miss about PVS would probably be the principal, the staff, and everyone else I grew up with. PVS became like a second home to me because of these people. They’ve helped me so much over the years and without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today, especially Dr. Malley and Mrs. Jennifer. So, thank you.


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