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  • Neeymet Ahmed

Senior Spotlight: Jana Elabiad

Tell me about yourself. When did you come to PVS?

I joined PVS in 3rd Grade, and I have been at PVS since then.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love to do hands-on activities such as painting and drawing. I also love physical activities like skateboarding!

What is the worst and best thing about being a senior?

The worst and best thing about being a senior is leaving. It’s good because I am starting a new chapter in my life, but then I am leaving behind the memories I built with my classmates.

Are you looking forward to returning on-site for your senior year?

Yes, I am! I personally learn better visually and in person, so I am excited to return on-site.

What is something you will miss most about PVS?

I will miss the tight bond I had with some of the teachers.

What is one quality that PVS taught you that you will continue to apply when you graduate?

One quality that PVS has taught me is patience. I will continue to apply that when I graduate.

What motivates you to put in your greatest effort?

Getting into a good college gives me a lot of motivation to put in my greatest effort.

How do you intend to use what you have learned in PVS to benefit you as you go throughout the course of your life?

PVS has helped me develop strong studying habits and time management skills. I will definitely bring those with me to college!

What advice do you have for the underclassmen?

Never overwhelm yourself. Your health comes first whether it is mental, emotional, or physical health.

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