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  • Reem Mohamed

Senior Spotlight - Ahmad Elabiad

Tell me about yourself. When did you come to PVS?
  • My name is Ahmad Elabiad. I came to PVS in 2011 starting off in 1st grade and ever since, I’ve been trying something new every year and trying to self-improve.

What are your hobbies and interests?
  • I like to bike a lot, and that is my mode of transportation to meet up or visit friends. When I'm not, I'm not socializing with friends, my in-house hobbies go from 3D printing, building legos, or constructing things, to just watching stuff.

Who is your biggest hero/role model and why?
  • My biggest role model is Batman – and let me explain why. He fights crime, just like everybody else, but he fights without the non-human capabilities that the other heroes use. And underneath, he is truly sympathetic, and he does not conflict death upon people. I try to be sympathetic.

If you could go back and change one thing, what would it be?
  • During COVID, I was unproductive. I could have planned my future better by trying to get a job, such as online marketing instead of playing video games 6 hours a day. But I'm proud of who I've become in terms of being more mature, stronger, and faster.

What are your plans for college/after graduation?
  • InShaAllah I plan to apply to Rhodes. I don’t want to follow my sister’s footsteps. I'm not confident what I want to major in, but I know Rhodes is a good place for me because I've visited many times and it feels like home.

What advice do you have for the underclassmen?
  • Don't procrastinate, don't associate yourself with the common people, and constantly try to improve yourself. Be realistic with friends, don’t tell them you look good, but they are hideous.

What is the worst and best thing about being a senior?
  • The best thing is it’s a confidence boost by 30 times, more control of life, and getting the chance to educate other people. The worst thing is the fact that it's hard leaving because I love so many people at PVS. No one wants to go, but they want to at the same time.


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