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  • Neeymet Ahmed and Dana Shala

Rising to New Beginnings: Senior Sunrise 2023

On Saturday, August 20, the senior class met at the Memphis Islamic Center to watch the sunrise and to celebrate their new beginnings together.

The seniors had an early start to their day when they arrived at MIC at 5:30 in the morning, with food, games, and blankets in hand. The seniors began by praying Fajr together in the masjid and Sheikh Muhammad Faqih shared some words of encouragement and advice for the stressful year to come.

The seniors brought a variety of foods to enjoy as they watched the sunrise. They also enjoyed playing basketball and soccer as the sun was rising. They followed that by painting a poster for them to remember this eventful morning. The morning was filled with activities and they had an amazing time together. Amin Awad, a senior who attended the event said, “Senior Sunrise was very fun and it was good to spend some time with my classmates. He added, “ I liked the food and the sports we played.”

Senior Sunrise serves as a moving reminder that the journey through high school is not just about the destination but also about the moments and memories formed along the way. It's a reminder that while the future is much anticipated, there's still much to savor in the present. It was a morning filled with hope, laughter, and a sense of unity that will drive the PVS Class of 2024 to make their final year in high school truly unforgettable.


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