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  • Reem Mohamed

PVS Students Take The Stage At The UNICEF Open Mic

On Friday, September 8th, 2023, UNICEF, a student-led club at PVS, hosted an Open Mic Night and Talent Show at 5:00 pm that afternoon.

The event’s theme was “Thankfulness and Gratitude” and was open to students of all ages and talents. The event was designed to encourage students to practice public speaking, showcase their talents, or to try something new. It was a huge success with over 30 participants, and over 40 individuals in the audience. Students showcased their art, poetry, Quran recitation, comedy, speeches, nasheeds, and even gymnastics!

Not only was this a very fun event, but there was also a competitive aspect, and judges Ms. Amal Altareb and Shehroz Kazmi assessed each performance and awarded points based on things like creativity and relation to the theme.

The audience also had a very positive experience watching all the different talents. When it came to winners, the judges struggled to choose just three winners because of the immense amount of talent in the room. There was a crowd-favorite winner and three winners chosen by the judges. The crowd winner was Khadija, and Mesbah Sadat won Honorable Mention.

The three chosen winners were:

1st place: Reem Mohamed

2nd: Fayadh Chowdhury

3rd: Meryem Celikok, Daniyah Rahman, and Nosaba Huda

The night ended with a beautiful recitation of the Quran by one of the PVS students, Musa Sheriff.


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