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  • Sumaya Sultan-Ali

PVS Students Excel in Annual Hadith Competition

On December 6, PVS held its annual Hadith competition. Students from grades Pre-K to 7th grade were tested on various levels and difficulties of Hadith throughout the day. 

In Surah Al-Ahzab,Verse 21, Allah says: “Indeed in the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad SAW) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much.”  This famous verse reminds us that the key to meeting Allah is following the actions and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Yet, to follow his example we need to know who he was as a person. We learn about his example by reading and memorizing his Hadith – what he did and didn’t do, what he approved of and disapproved of – so we can apply it in our lives. 

When asked how he prepared students for the competitions, the Vice Principal Mr. Ashraf Arafat said that he “gave classes the packets two months in advance.” Arafat also asked high school students to volunteer for testing the competitors over the course of two days. 

Many senior students volunteered their time to listen and test the students. When asked what they were grading for in the competition, judge Yasmeen Mannan ‘24 said, “We tested each participant based on the number of Hadith they knew, the narrator, fluency in Arabic, accuracy in Arabic, and accuracy in English.” She also pointed out that the winners were the ones who “went above and beyond'' by reciting and understanding the Hadith almost perfectly.

How did students prepare? Elementary school students practiced at home with their parents as siblings after receiving the packets in class. Teachers also helped their students succeed. Beyond supplying packets, Elementary Islamic studies teacher Sr. Aasiyah Kirk went over the Hadiths with her students to help them prepare. 

Students were excited to win their ribbons and be rewarded for their work. Arafat highlighted that they choose multiple winners from each ranking (1st, 2nd, 3rd). This applauds more kids for memorizing the Hadith and encourages them to continue.


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