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  • Zahra Chowdhury

PVS Students Attend Summer Leadership Conferences

This summer, several Pleasant View students attended BRIDGES USA’s summer leadership conferences. These students are Bridge Builders, and have committed to becoming leaders and contributing to their community. Students attended the conference week that corresponded with their grade level and learned about different issues in their community. For example, rising seniors like Jana Elabiad learned about financial literacy, income inequality and how that affects families and communities in Memphis.

Students participated in leadership training and learned how to improve their communication skills while working with youth from different places in the city. Others participated in virtual tours of the city to better understand its history and legacy. Rising seniors and juniors also had the opportunity to participate in cooking sessions with local chefs and culinary experts, creating healthy and affordable meals for their families.

Pleasant View students who are interested in becoming a Bridge Builder can access the application, which opens on Nov. 5, here. Students looking to learn more about the program can do so here.

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