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  • Jana Elabiad

PVS Science Bowl Team Prepares for 2022 Competition

In the most recent Tennessee Science Bowl Competition, the PVS Science Bowl Team made it to the top 16 schools statewide. The National Science Bowl (NSB), sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), is an academic science and math knowledge competition for high school students across the nation. Before the national competition, a school from each state is chosen. Last year, PVS put up a strong fight for that position. We were able to make it to the top 16 out of 52 schools.

This year, after Labor Day, the PVS Science Bowl Team started practicing for the competition in February. Fayadh Chowdhury, a new member of the team, was asked about his expectations for the club. He responded, “As a 9th grader, I have experience with only two high school science classes. However, I aim to learn more from students who have previously competed in the competition. I expect this club to be more of a learning experience for myself as well as a challenge.” Zaid Hadidi, a current 12th grader and returning team member, said, “Each of the three years in which I participated in the competition was different, and as 8th graders and seniors graduate, so does the team. We practice weekly for months beforehand of course, but when you enter these competitions and there are schools with multiple teams that are super well organized and really know what they are doing, it's kind of a humbling experience. We still try our best of course, and Alhamdullilah, we have been visibly improving each year as a team.” In February 2022, the PVS science bowl team will be participating in the state competition and until then, they are diligently practicing and preparing.


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