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  • Ashar Siddiqui

PVS and its students and faculty honored Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the last week of October.

PVS and its students and faculty honored Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the last week of October.

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death and is the most common cancer in women. It can be caused by several factors, such as genetics, weight, and age. Breast cancer develops through malignant cancerous cells, turning eventually into a tumor. Althoug

h breast cancer is mostly found in women, it can also appear in men.

Tens of thousands lose their lives or loved ones to breast cancer annually, and to show support for research towards treatments and the fight against this horrible disease, a symbol of a pink ribbon has been used. The color pink during October has become associated with breast cancer awareness, encouraging those at risk to get screenings and check ups.

In support of this, PVS students and faculty members were encouraged to wear pink in the last days of October to encourage awareness. Student volunteers and Faculty members such as Mrs. Martins and Mrs. Morrow, who was giving out stickers with the pink ribbon symbol on it to students, also hosted a fundraiser on Wednesday the 26th of October and Thursday the 27th. Mrs. Martins also posted several infographics and posters regarding breast cancer awareness throughout the week on Parent Square, helping students and parents alike better understand the dangers, causes, and signs of this disease.

All profits were donated to the West Cancer Foundation, a research institute not only focused on combating breast cancer but cancer as a whole. Their fa

ntastic work has led to multiple research projects, programs throughout Shelby County, and many diagnoses of cancers in early stages where it is much

easier to treat.

Tragically, one out of eight women on average are diagnosed with breast cancer at least once in their life, and every 120 seconds a new case of breast cancer is diagnosed. Thankfully, the future looks bright regarding breast cancer, as more treatments and scannings have become available to stop the disease in its early stages and before it spreads. Since 1980, deaths have been decreasing. With greater awareness and support towards solutions for breast cancer and cancers in general, these deaths are predicted to only fall in the future.


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