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  • Zahra Chowdhury

Pleasant View Students Attend Muslim Day on the Hill

This year, Pleasant View students participated in the annual Muslim Day on the Hill hosted by local nonprofit AMAC. AMAC, the American Muslim Advisory Council, hosts a yearly event to encourage civic engagement among Tennesee Muslims. During the event, constituents meet with their local representatives and are able to tour the Tennessee state capitol. However, due to the pandemic, the event was not held in Nashville this year, but virtually, over Zoom.

Before the event, students and other attendees were required to attend an advocacy training session. During the training session, participants learned of the logistics for the meetings, learned how to discuss legislation with their representatives, and received their final meeting schedules. They also received a list of bills from AMAC for discussion during the representative meetings.

Pleasant View students met with several representatives including Rep. John Gillespie, Rep. Antonio Parkinson. Rep. Dwayne Thompson, and state Sen. Haile. During these meetings, the students highlighted legislation that was currently being voted on with their representatives. Some of the bills the students discussed included SB371, which requires public schools to provide sufficient counselors for their students, and SB1442, which requires law enforcement officers to complete a diversity-training program within six months of the officer's date of employment.


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