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  • Jenna Abutineh


We welcome all of our new teachers to the PVS community! Each month, we will profile a new teacher. This month, we are featuring Ms. Rana Soliman.

1. What subject do you teach at PVS?

Ms. Soliman: I teach 2nd Grade Math and Science.

2. So far, what is your favorite thing about PVS?

Ms. Soliman: The students to be honest- I take a lot of honor and pride in the progress they make.

3. What are your expectations from students?

Ms. Soliman: My expectation of all students is to do their best and to be the best versions of themselves in education and in life altogether.

4. What are your hopes for your journey as a teacher at PVS?

Ms. Soliman: My hope for my journey as a teacher at PVS is to have a positive impact on each of my student’s lives and to make learning a fun and facilitated process for them.

5. Anything interesting you want the PVS student and parent body to know about you?

Ms. Soliman: I have recently become a mom and rediscovered the value and significance of the foundations of learning. I have learned that the first steps always count the most as they set the basis for everything that follows.


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