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  • Jenna Abutineh


We welcome all of our new teachers to the PVS community! Each month, we will profile a new teacher. This month, we are featuring Mr. Hisham Arafat.

1. What subject do you teach at PVS?

  • I teach fourth, fifth, and sixth grade Social Studies.

2. So far, what is your favorite thing about PVS?

  • I greatly enjoy the family-like atmosphere here at PVS, making it like a second home for me. Also, I appreciate the relationships and friendships I've made with my students.

3. What are your expectations from students?

  • My expectation for my students is for them to do their best, whilst always holding themselves accountable for their actions.

4. What are your hopes for your journey as a teacher at PVS?

  • I hope to achieve what every teacher should aspire to achieve: benefit my students.

5. Anything interesting you want the PVS student and parent body to know about you?

  • I have been teaching overseas for the past few years, thus making this my first experience with students in America. This has allowed me to have a different perspective on students, as well as being/having a versatile approach to dealing with and educating my students.


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