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  • Naisha Chowdhury

New Teacher Interviews- Hazem Nawar

We welcome all of our new teachers to the PVS community! Each month, we will profile a new teacher. This month, we are featuring Mr. Hazem Nawar!

What subject do you teach at PVS?

Mr. Nawar: I teach AP Calculus, Honors Precalculus, Honors Algebra 2, and Honors Geometry.

So far, what is your favorite thing about PVS?

Mr. Nawar: My favorite thing about PVS is that there is a healthy environment of good manners with a religious tone, adding an atmosphere of warmth. I feel like we are one family.

What are your expectations from students?

Mr. Nawar: I expect my students to raise their level very much, especially because their goal is to reach the highest grades and highest ratings, so I am confident that they will reach their goal and excel.

What are your hopes for your journey as a teacher at PVS?

Mr. Nawar: I hope that the school will rank better and higher in America, in all academic aspects in general and in mathematics and APs in particular.

Anything interesting you want the PVS student and parent body to know about you?

Mr. Nawar: One of the most amusing things in my life is that up to grade 9, I was a poor student in mathematics and I did not like it as a subject. When I started grade 10, I decided to excel in it and it came to be one of my favorite subjects. I was able to reach A and B level instead of F and D. It is even more astonishing that I loved and excelled in mathematics so much that I went on to get a college degree in mathematics. I studied it at the university and since graduating have worked as a mathematics teacher. I have found that my own early struggle and later love for mathematics has helped me feel for students. What they need from a teacher is for the teacher to love and understand the subject and to want and work to help all of his students love and understand the subject.


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