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  • Aisha Duldul

Mastering Money: The New Personal Finance Class at PVS

Personal Finance is a newly added course at Pleasant View School, now offered to both Seniors and Sophomores. This course is taught by Mr. Soyab Malani every Friday, and it draws its curriculum material from the renowned financial expert, Dave Ramsey. The material used for instruction is known as "Dave Ramsey’s Course: Foundations in Personal Finance."

In this class, students are exposed to essential tips for saving money, effective budgeting, and the importance of giving back. The creation of this course stemmed from concerns voiced by alumni who were apprehensive about their preparedness for real-life financial tasks, such as tax filing, homeownership, and responsible credit card use.

In response to these concerns, the school administration asked Mr. Malani, a local business professional, to teach the course. Dave Ramsey's curriculum aligns with the principles of avoiding debt and steering clear of credit card misuse, values that resonate with the broader Muslim community.

At the beginning of the academic year, Mr. Malani conveyed the course's significance, stating, “This course should allow you to make smart decisions with your money, and as seniors, it’s even more important as you are becoming adults.” The students really appreciate that he has taken time out of his busy life to teach them these very important life skills.

Students deeply appreciate Mr. Malani's commitment to equipping them with these indispensable life skills. Dana Shala, a senior taking the course emphasizes this, saying, “The class is very useful in navigating how to manage money and is very essential for my future, ensuring financial success for us students.” The students have enjoyed Mr. Soyab Malani as their teacher and have learned so much from him.

This course isn't exclusively designed for those pursuing a business major; it benefits all students who plan on working, buying a car, or even making everyday purchases like a chocolate bar. It imparts fundamental money management skills essential for navigating the real world, thanks to the invaluable insights and strategies provided by both Dave Ramsey and Mr. Malani.


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