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  • Dana Shala

Kindling Connections: Seniors' Friendsgiving Dinner and Bonfire

On the evening of Saturday, December 2nd, the twelfth grade class organized the Senior Friendsgiving Dinner and bonfire at the Memphis Islamic Center. The seniors gathered at Maghrib time where they prayed together before beginning their dinner at the MIC Community Room. 

Each senior contributed to the potluck-style dinner, bringing various dishes that reflected their diverse backgrounds. The tables were filled with an abundance of delicious food including Indonesian noodles, Bangladeshi biryani, and American mac and cheese. The dinner was not the only highlight of the evening; the seniors also engaged in a variety of games and activities that added a playful element to the celebration. This included racing, gaming, and riding a hoverboard. 

Following the games, the group gathered around a bonfire, creating a cozy atmosphere. As they sat around the fire, the seniors took turns sharing stories and experiences. It was a moment of reflection and appreciation as they expressed gratitude for the friendships that had flourished during their time together at PVS. Zaheen Chowdhury ‘24 has been at the school for over 15 years, echoed this, saying, “Friendsgiving was a great way to reminisce with my class. I loved that we had this time to share stories and memories that we built over the years.” The seniors prayed for each other's success as they venture off in the years to come. They toasted marshmallows, ate smores, and shared advice.

As the bonfire slowly faded, the seniors prayed the Isha prayer and then left the Masjid with hearts full of warmth, grateful for the friendships that had been deepened and the memories that had been created over the years they had spent at the school. The Friendsgiving dinner and bonfire will certainly be remembered as a cherished senior event as it created a lasting memory for the seniors to remember for years to come.


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