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  • Reem Mohamed

From Stress to Success: The College Counseling Center's Transformation

As the seniors get closer and closer to deadlines for college and scholarship opportunities, the need for a dedicated center for students to turn to when they're struggling or require assistance becomes increasingly evident. In the spring of 2023, the school decided to dedicate a specific space to address this demand. Named the College Counseling Center, the center allows students to sit down and have one-on-one conversations with the college counselor for a personalized assessment. Furthermore, students were given the opportunity to participate in decorating the room to create a comforting and inviting space.

The purpose of this center extends beyond providing a comfortable environment for discussions with the college counselor, Ms. Jennifer Cartwright-Alejo, about academic goals and opportunities.. It also serves as a venue for hosting college visits, where college admissions officers meet with students at the counseling center, offering them the chance for personalized interactions.

Application Week required seniors to have a peaceful and distraction-free environment to dedicate their time to completing applications without interruptions or the need to move from one classroom to another. Jenna Qaddoumi, a senior at PVS, shared her thoughts on the school's recently established College Counseling Center, saying, “I really feel like it has given me a safe space to comfortably complete my applications.” The College Counseling Center is also equipped with its private bathroom facilities, a mini refrigerator, and lounge furniture, adding to its convenience for students.

This center is more than just a quiet place to work on college applications. It's also fostering a sense of community and teamwork among PVS seniors. Ibrahim Ali added, "It allowed us to bond through building furniture and it showed our class's determination and creativity." This collaboration is not only beautifying the space but also symbolizing the unity and innovative spirit of the senior class.

In sum, the College Counseling Center is emerging as a vital resource for PVS seniors, offering a safe, comfortable, and collaborative environment where they can work on their college applications, share experiences, and build lasting memories.


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