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  • Wissal Boudaoud

Food Deserts Advocacy Group Holds Food Drive

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in so many different ways. Many people are thankful to be able to stay home, enjoy time with their family, and protect their health while many others are suffering from the effects of the pandemic. Many of us have lost our normal social interactions with friends and family; many others can only wish this was their only hardship brought upon by the pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs and even lives, resulting in them and/or their families facing food insecurity or homelessness. To aid those in worse conditions, the PVS Food Deserts advocacy group decided to hold its first food drive from December 1st to January 1st. Flyers asking for supplies such as dried food, canned food, and hygiene products were posted and distributed.

There were four main drop off sites around Memphis: MIC, Masjid AsSalam, Masjid Rahman, and Pleasant View School. At each of these places, there were boxes to collect the items brought by donors. From there, members of the Food Deserts group collected the supplies and took them to the Table Spread food pantry for Midtown Mosque’s monthly distribution. The supplies were appropriately distributed to those in need. Inshallah this will have been the first of many food drives held by the PVS Food Deserts Advocacy group.


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