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  • Yusuf Boudaoud

Breaking the Silence: Suicide Prevention Week and the Importance of Speaking Out

Suicide is a difficult topic to discuss, but it's essential that we do. Yassir Fazaga, PVS counselor and therapist, explained to students that 49,000 people took their lives in the United States alone last year, which is approximately 136 deaths per day. These alarming statistics underscore the critical need for conversations about suicide prevention.

Fazaga emphasized that discussing suicide “helps us in fighting the stigma and designating this topic as a taboo topic." By speaking openly and honestly about suicide, we can begin to break down the barriers preventing individuals from seeking help when they need it most.

Discussing suicide is crucial for raising awareness and promoting education. Fazaga pointed out that talking about suicide can "...inform, enlighten, and educate." By sharing information and personal experiences, we can better understand the intricacies of mental health factors contributing to suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Moreover, these conversations can help identify potential warning signs and provide support to those who may be struggling.

Fazaga emphasized that suicide is preventable. With early intervention, access to resources, and community support, we can work towards reducing the number of suicides. Talking about suicide can also encourage individuals to seek help before crises arise.

It's time to break the silence surrounding suicide. As Fazaga said, "talking about it validates, destigmatizes, informs, enlightens, and educates." Join the conversation and help create a safe environment for those affected by suicide. Together, we can work towards a future where no one has to face mental health challenges alone.


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