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  • Suha Faruk

Beyond the Books: Summer Study Highlights

Over the course of last summer, students at PVS embarked on a range of enriching and educational experiences beyond their regular academic routines.

Two students, Dana Shala and Reem Mohamed, gained the opportunity to experience the daily workplace of a law firm. They participated in the Summer Law Internship Program sponsored by the Memphis Bar Association, which seeks to not only allow students access to valuable opportunities but also to develop interest in the field of law among underrepresented youth. “It showed the positives and negatives of the field,” Reem Mohamed had said, “There are certain expectations of you, but it was enjoyable being around them.”

Iqra Education Center, an institution dedicated to teaching the memorization and recitation of Quran as well as Islamic Studies to young minds, hosted their summer school program at Pleasant View School. Young students, from elementary and middle school, attended the program, and a few high school students from PVS had the opportunity to help teach them.

Last but not least, many PVS students participated in the annual Bridge Builders summer conferences, hosted by BRIDGES USA, which is a nonprofit organization stimulating the development of leadership, communication, and other real-world skills to youth with diverse perspectives in mind. The students will continue to work with the nonprofit throughout this year for more related activities, including community action events and advocacy training.

Through these summer activities, students were able to enhance many different skills that may otherwise not be the focus in every classroom. “Communication was a big one,” Reem Mohamed recalled, “As well as organization and making sure you are on time for everything. Your responsibilities affect everyone.”


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