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  • Sumaiya Zaman

A Sweet Start to the School Year: PTO Food Trucks

Starting a new school year is never easy. No matter what grade you’re in, the start of the year is a challenge for us all. Luckily, the Pleasant View School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) had just the right idea to sweeten up our first week back.

On August 11th, the first Friday of the year, the PTO organized a Kona Ice truck to come to the school from 9 a.m. to 12 pm, with free snow cones for all students and staff. Considering the intense summer heat, it was a very appropriate way to welcome everyone back to school.

Some students and parents raised concerns about the cost, but PTO member and event organizer Yasmen Knefati reassured them that the PTO has all their costs planned ahead of time. “We have amazing PTO moms that helped make the day a success,” she said.

The PTO has more exciting things planned for the rest of the school year. Keep your eyes out for more events!


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