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  • Deenat Yusuf

Student Perspective: PVS students start online classes

Out of an abundance of caution, PVS has decided to cancel classes and transition to remote learning through Google Classroom. To reduce risk on our campus and protect the health and safety of our community, PVS is taking several precautions to limit coronavirus exposure.

In addition to moving to remote learning, all school trips, competitions, and events have either been canceled or postponed. Since classes are moved to online platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom, students have the privilege of staying at home while being productive. Classes still follow a regular schedule.

Remote learning has been an interesting experience for me. As a class, we meet through Google Classroom and we are able to conduct our classes as normal. We still have our lectures through PowerPoints and class readings. We also have online quizzes, homework and classwork posted on Google Classroom in order to assure that our learning process is not hindered.

Some classes offer video recordings to replace video calls and even one-on-one calls. In some cases, I could say online classes are much more convenient than regular classes. Online classes are just as engaging as normal classes but with an added benefit, in the comfort of our homes.

For the most part, AP exams are moved to an online platform and ACT exams are being postponed. While this is normally a time for us juniors to visit colleges, colleges have cancelled such visits and now students show demonstrated interest through virtual tours.

In addition to ACT tests being postponed, colleges are now increasingly considering becoming test-optional and applications may start to look different.

This is a fluid situation and things are changing rapidly. We hope all these changes will work to our favor and approach this situation with an optimistic light. Please take good care of yourself and others during this time. We pray that our community remains safe, healthy, and strong.

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