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  • Hira Qureshi

Here’s what you need to know about PVS online classes

With the spread of the coronavirus, Pleasant View School has decided to follow CDC and local health officials' recommendations in closing school and shifting classes online.

PVS administration closely monitored the spread of the COVID-19 situation. During Spring Break, the first case was reported in Tennessee and PVS undertook a number of extra measures to ensure the health and safety of students and staff.

But extra measures were decided as international concerns grew and many students came home from traveling during the break. On Thursday, March 12, the administration made the decision to close school and move all classes online following CDC and local health officials recommendations, according to Principal Mohammed Malley.

“We made the decision to close the school and move to remote learning as the best course of action to keep all of our students and their families safe,” Malley said.

The transition to remote learning was easy with last year’s improvements to the school’s technology infrastructure. The faculty has made great efforts to adapt to the new tools and methodologies that come with remote learning and teaching.

“The PVS faculty has done a phenomenal job of making the transition and working to ensure that our students continue having an enriched and engaged learning experience,” Malley said.

Faculty met for two days of intensive training on the methodologies and tools of remote teaching. Daily meetings continued after to go over logistics and improve understanding of remote tools.

Remote learning and teaching is different from conventional methods so the school's goal is to use the most effective methods available to achieve learning objectives.

Teachers in all grades are structuring their classes and teaching methods to best meet the needs of all of their students, which may involve Zoom or Google Hangouts to conduct virtual classes. Some teachers may record their lectures or use other teaching videos that students can view on their own.

They may also have students use Google Docs for collaboration on group projects. Teachers may also call students to discuss concepts or assess understanding with individuals.

“In all cases, our goal is to make the best use of remote formats to make our students' learning process as productive and effective as possible,” Malley said.

Online classes will remain until further notice from CDC and local health officials as PVS administration continue to monitor the situation.

All school events are cancelled or postponed until further notice as well. There is no decision for graduation at the moment as the situation is still ongoing.

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