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  • Hira Qureshi

PVS students join the St. Jude Leadership Society

Pleasant View School students have joined the St. Jude Leadership Society working specifically with ALSAC on their leadership skills.

Naisha Chowdhury, Deenat Yusuf, Zahra Chowdhury, Jana Elbaid and Eman Yousouf are five of 70 students picked to participate in the program this year.

St. Jude Leadership Society is a leadership development experience for high school students to build leadership skills, connect with mentors and help support St. Jude.

Students apply and are chosen to participate. Once accepted, they help ALSAC with fundraising and meet every Sunday for four meetings.

At the meetings, students discuss and participate in activities focused on different topics of leadership.

Chowdhury decided to apply because St. Jude is important to her and her family.

"I had a cousin who went to St. Jude and he had a success story and now he’s living a perfect life,” Chowdhury said. “It’s amazing to me the work St. Jude does, so I wanted to see how I could get involved.”

At the end of the program, students who have raised a certain amount of money can qualify for the national level.

So far, the experience has been great for Chowdhury. She has met a lot of different people from Memphis.

“We get to hear their stories and why they decided to come,” Chowdhury said. “It was nice to meet some of the patients and hear from speakers as well.”

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