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  • Jenna Abutineh and Samit Ahmed

1st Day Back - Panther's Purrrspective!

*Monday August 8th, 2022*

[Panther] It was finally Monday morning - the day I had been looking forward to all week! The night before, I made sure to steam and lay out everything I was going to be wearing. I was overwhelmed with so much excitement that I had a nightmare that I was going to miss my first class!

It was almost time for me to leave the house. I packed my new lunch box with all of my favorite snacks and said my goodbyes to my pet fish. At first, I had trouble finding my classes, but thanks to my new friends, I was able to enjoy my first day to the fullest. It was my pleasure to surprise every class with the first day of school spirit and I hope that everyone has been able to welcome this new school year with open arms!

We’re back for the new school year, and it looks like we’re starting with spirit!

Traditionally, the first day of school is all about establishing routines and reinforcing academia after summer break. Pleasant View School's mascot made a joyous surprise visit to each classroom. Met with excitement, PVS students were filled with unequivocal school spirit. The Mystery Panther brought encouragement and laughter amidst the new class adjustments and motivation amidst earlier wake ups.

The question puzzling everyone’s minds on that day seemed to be all one and the same: Who’s under the mask? Many have their theories; perhaps it is alumnus Al-Hussain Hadidi, or maybe it’s Ibrahim Ali from 11th grade. Whoever it was, this Panther has been quite successful in raising student’s spirits, and we are excited about future visits from the Mystery Mascot.

With all of the school spirit going around, we must remember to acknowledge the changing environment around us. We’re larger than ever this year, so that means more excuses to make new friends, new experiences, and new journeys. Whether it be taking up new interests or hobbies, speaking to new people, learning or creating new stories, we encourage everybody this year to find a new passion this year - a new light that brings you joy to your heart, and perhaps it’ll inspire those around you in finding their own.

We are blessed with yet another opportunity for educational achievement and recognition this year. Through academic excellence, the school strives to prepare a vast student body to make meaningful and lifelong memories. In doing so, the Panther encourages students to push themselves to the best of their academic ability while having fun and sharing laughter at the same time.


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