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  • Wissal Boudaoud

Virtual Science Fair

Like many other PVS competitions, the PVS Annual Science Fair was held virtually this year. In the week after spring break, students presented their projects through zoom. Many volunteers, professionals who took time off from work and a number of high school students, judged each project and asked the students interactive questions. “They weren't putting too much pressure on me during the interview, so it made it easy for me to answer all their questions,” said 5th grader Rafay Awan. The elementary students worked very hard in creating amazing projects. “Our elementary students made an incredible adjustment doing a slide presentation rather than a poster board for this year's science fair. I was very pleased at how many students were able to provide details of their project with creativity. Since we have had such a challenging year, the focus was on making sure that students covered the required steps of the scientific method and I believe the students did their best,” said Ms. Cecilia Williams. The judges gave the elementary students feedback that will help them improve their projects so that they can create even more advanced projects as middle schoolers in the future.

The judges' feedback will also help prepare the middle and high school students who will be competing at the next level. The middle school winners will be applying for the virtual regional science fair and will have their projects were virtually judged in the first week of May. In June, the students selected as Broadcom MASTERS will be announced. As for the high school students, six projects moved on to the regional level and one PVS student qualified to compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). These projects were/will be virtually judged in early April (9-12), and the cumulative results will be soon announced. Inshallah the students will do well and, whether or not they win, still find this to be a very fun and educational experience.

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