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  • Jana Elabiad

Virtual Learning: A PVS Parent’s Perspective

Ever since Pleasant View has started virtual learning, it has been very challenging for both students and parents. Alhamdullilah parents, teachers, and students have overcome this challenge! In an interview with a PVS Parent, we asked her about her experience with virtual learning.

1. What is your experience with remote learning?

A: My experience with remote learning is that I am able to see what my child is learning and participate more in helping my child with assignments better. In addition, during the long hours of screen time during remote learning, teachers were very good about giving their student short breaks or giving them time to get up and stretch which I found beneficial for my child's well being. My child also likes game-time/break-time with her teachers during class and it eases her anxiety about learning a difficult subject during remote learning.

2. How is your child benefitted from remote learning?

A: My child is benefitting from remote learning by being in an environment that promotes learning at home as well as have the ability to adapt to changes and still be able to learn and focus on lessons with less distractions.

3. Are there any advantages?

A: Yes there are advantages to remote learning for students. Students are able to have one-on-one time with their teachers if they do not understand the material covered in their class or if they missed a class.

4. How were the parent teacher conferences this year in the virtual format?

A: I thought the virtual format of parent teacher conferences this year was very well organized and was a great way to communicate with parents remotely about their child's progress and they were able to answer questions parents had.

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