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  • Nia Yusuf

Trust in Allah - by Nia Yusuf

Lost, anxious, scared

Worried for the undeclared

Little do we know that we are not trusting the one in control

And he is the one who knows each and every soul

A nonbeliever thinks that there’s no way out

Indeed Allah knows what this is all about

From the failing exams to the illness to the dropping paycheck

We assume that these calamities are all a complete wreck

For the believer, they feel they’re at peace

Because they know that their good deeds will increase

The whale swallowed Yunus, but the knife didn’t kill Ismail

Yet Allah knows the plan and the prophets bow down and kneel

Prophet Ayoub’s wealth and family disappeared

Yet his faith in Allah still adhered

Put in sickness for many years

And he still never shed tears

Stuck in between the Pharaoh's armed men and the Red Sea

Musa did not know where to flee

He put his trust in Allah and struck the staff

By Allah, the sea split in half

When the Prophet’s army was defeated in number and size

The believers increased their Iman and became wise

Allah sent down the angels to become their protectors

Because indeed Allah is the best of directors

When everyone is against Ibrahim and the fire is flaming

All he does is call upon The Protector and he does the taming

Allah answers his call and cools the fire

And then he shows them that they are the true liar

So accept the results regardless of how it may be

For Allah says to leave it up to me

We face challenges and difficult situations

But face them strongly just for the duration

With every hardship comes ease

Just like what is happening about the disease

First, tie your camel and then leave it up to Him

Forget your instincts and your whim

Just as all these prophets were faced with struggles

Allah made their tawakkul double

Prophet Muhammed, Ibrahim, and Ismail

All said hasbunAllah wa nimal wakeel

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