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  • Aribah Morshed

The Return of Panthers FC

Soccer is one of the most common sports played around the world. It’s also one of the most popular sports found at our school. You’ll find people playing soccer around the school anytime possible. Soccer isn’t just a game. For many, it’s their entertainment, their comfort activity, their exercise and their stress reliever. Soccer comes with many benefits and one unique example is an idea by Mr.Clarke. He claims that soccer is the best way to explain history. Based on the experiences of many soccer players, soccer also helps with academics as it assists people with time management and boosts self confidence, as well as improves mood which indirectly affects people’s productivity. Our school previously had girls and girls elementary, middle and high school teams;however, despite the limited number of people and covid, so far there is only a girls high school team and possibly a boys high school soccer team.

The girls high school team is named Panthers FC. Many of the team’s members have been playing for several years. A few years ago, they executed an undefeated season. The team played an indoor season before quarantine took place. Nevertheless, the team is back once more. Practice started in October and the first game took place on December 4th. Despite the obstacles they have faced and will face, the team will continue to work as hard as they can to reclaim their previous position.


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