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  • Muadth Malley

The PVS Construction Project Makes Great Progress

The PVS expansion project has reached an advanced stage adding about 50% to the overall size of the school facility. The newly constructed wing includes 13 classrooms, extensive bathroom facilities, and an elevator.

The outer bricks as well as the windows, doors, and internal sheet rock and electrical connections, plumbing, and HVAC work have all been completed. A hallway connecting the old building to the new wing has also recently been constructed. The walls have also been painted and beautiful ceramic flooring tiles have been placed in the downstairs hallway and bathrooms. All the bathrooms have also been outfitted with tiles. Remaining work includes placing floor tiles in the classrooms, installing the bathroom sinks and toilets, and finishing the ceiling tiles.

The lighting in the newly constructed wing is all based on motion sensors, thus saving energy as well as reducing the spread of germs.

In addition to the large boys and girls upstairs and downstairs bathrooms, most of the downstairs classrooms have their own individual bathrooms. There are also individual bathroom facilities in the upstairs hallway.

Of the 13 new classrooms, 7 of them are large rooms of approximately 750 to 800 square feet each, and 6 of them are smaller rooms, each about 450 square feet in size. The new wing can accommodate approximately 260 students.

The construction of the connecting hallway resulted in the loss of one of the original upstairs classrooms but it also enabled the expansion of the science lab, which has now become more than 30% larger than its original size.

In addition to the new wing, the outdoor bathroom built to accommodate the portable classrooms has also made great progress. All the outer brickwork is complete and the internal sheet rock has been installed. The floor tiles have also been installed.

While the work of the expansion is underway, there is also ongoing maintenance at the current building. The carpeting that was formally in the computer lab and library has been replaced with new tiles that match the tiles being used in the new building.


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