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  • Aisha Duldul

The Positive Panthers Take a Stand Against Bullying

The Pleasant View School Mental Health Club, known as the Positive Panthers, held an afterschool event to address the issue of bullying within schools, featuring Sheikh Yassir Fazaga. This meeting provided a safe space for students to share their experiences with bullying and explore strategies to create a safer and more inclusive environment at the school. 

Bullying is commonly defined as intentional and repeated aggressive behavior intended to harm or intimidate someone perceived as vulnerable. It often involves a power imbalance, with the aggressor exerting control over the victim. In the event, Fazaga spoke about different types of bullying, including verbal bullying, physical bullying, social bullying, and cyberbullying. A student (did not want to be named) said, “So many times bullying is covered up with joking and laughter. By Sh. Yassir covering topics like this, and the effect that it has on children, I felt heard and seen”. Fazaga also spoke on the many effects of bullying such as psychological effects, academic consequences, and social isolation. He explained how bullying can not only manifest in the traditional sense, but also in other ways like social isolation, especially within girls. “The way that boys bully and the ways that girls bully are completely different”, Fazaga states. “Boys will come out and say mean things about you or physically bully you, girls are more likely to backbite, or make back-handed comments”. By emphasizing both the overt and subtle ways in which bullying can occur, Fazaga allowed students to fully understand the levels that bullying might reach and how to prevent such events from occurring. 

In the Q&A session that followed, students raised questions such as, “What if the person being bullied doesn’t understand what is going on? Do we still stand up for them?”, “How do we prevent cyber bullying?”, and “If you are being bullied, what should you do?” Each question was answered thoughtfully, fostering a commitment to tackling the widespread issue of bullying.


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