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  • Harris Siddiqui

The Great Annual PVS Cookout

Early in November, students finally had the chance to participate in Mr. Clarke’s annual cookout. The food, all made by Mr. Clarke, was wonderful. And as he said, “The burgers were good, bro.” Students volunteered to collect tickets, pass out food, and clean up throughout the afternoon.

Although there were a few hiccups on the planning side, the cookout went very well. Students enjoyed spending time with their classmates, upperclassmen, and even alumni. Many alumni were present, making it a memorable experience and giving everyone a chance to catch up about life and PVS. Zainab Malik, an 11th grade student commented, "The cookout was really enjoyable and provided many of us with a much-needed break from our hectic schedules. The weather was wonderful, as was the food, which we were able to enjoy in good company!" While maintaining social distancing guidelines and appropriate COVID-19 conscious manner, students and teachers enjoyed an afternoon of gathering with the school community.

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