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  • Sara Almoazen

Talk with a Professional: Interview with Jasmin Nuhic

In late September 2021, Pleasant View School students were invited to listen to the monthly “Talk with a Professional” program sponsored by the Islamic Association of Greater Memphis. The host of this program, Dr. Hassan Almoazen, interviews professionals in different career fields every month. The interviews allow students and parents to learn and gain more knowledge about various career paths.

The September guest was Br. Jasmin Nuhic, a Bosnian-born, Arlington-based, professional who currently serves as Director of Advanced Operations for Stryker, a medical device company. Jasmin has authored multiple books and articles, and he is a professional development speaker and coach. He holds an undergraduate degree in science and a graduate degree in Business (both from the University of Memphis), as well as a graduate degree in Executive Leadership (from Christians Brothers University).

At the beginning of the interview, Br. Jasmin Nuhic described his high school experience in war-torn Bosnia. He stated how it was difficult thinking big in terms of what career he would pursue because of the post-war circumstances. However, with the help of his mother, he ultimately realized he was interested in the technical field. To fully achieve his potential, he knew that moving from Bosnia to the United States would create better opportunities for him. The move changed his life for the better. His story gives inspiration to many people all over the world that regardless of your circumstances, better opportunities will come with patience and time.

He went on to describe his arrival in Memphis. Memphis was a new and different environment for him, where he had to adapt to the humid weather and the different school systems. He learned how to build new relationships and learn English. The only way he was able to overcome these challenges was by reaching out for support. This serves as a valuable reminder to students: During the high school to college transition, it’s important to remember that a support system is always available to help you, whether it’s your family, friends, teacher, or a local organization.

After overcoming these challenges, Br. Nuhic knew that he was interested in engineering. Since math was his best subject, engineering was easy for him. Today, he leads an engineering department and is the director of advanced operations at Stryker. Br. Nuhic ended the interview by discussing his motivation and the attributes of a strong leader and the ability to help others. This is an inspiration to all students to really push themselves to do what they’re most passionate about. To watch the full interview, students can find it on Masjid Arrahman’s Youtube channel or at this link: Talk with a Professional w/ Br. Jasmin Nuhic


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