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  • Samit Ahmed

Students from PVS Win Half of the Regional NHD Competition

The National History Day (NHD) is a prestigious annual contest in which students conduct extensive research based on a theme. The contest is open to both middle school and high school students.

Alhamdulillah Pleasant View School students do exceptionally well bringing home awards in every level. This year, students were able to acquire more than half of the wins for the projects going to the state level. While the competition is typically in-person, due to the presence of COVID cases, the competition remained virtual. Students have grown accustomed to the experience of attending school online and previous experiences of the contest both in-person and virtual.

This year’s theme is “Debate and Diplomacy in History.” Students were required to present their topics according to the annual theme through their desired categories. They had the options of formulating websites, historical papers, exhibits, documentaries, or performances. In the virtual competition format, the students compiled their research according to their selected categories so that it could be presented before the judges. The students have been working diligently on their projects based on the feedback they were given from the judges in the school and regional contest. They were graded on several qualifications: historical quality of their research, clear connection between their topic and the theme, ability to demonstrate the historical significance of their topic, the clarity of their presentation and their use of research using primary and secondary sources.

PVS students have won numerous NHD prizes at all levels, and inshaAllah, with sufficient preparation, our students will continue to represent PVS in the best possible light.

Below is a list of all of the students who have won the regional competition:

Junior Group Documentary

1st Place - Humza Siddiqui, Farzaan Quadri, Muhammad Shala

Junior Individual Documentary

2nd Place - Teanir Yusuf

3rd Place - AbdulRahman Abutineh

Senior Group Documentary

1st Place - Nia Yusuf, Samit Ahmed, Neeymet Ahmed

Senior Individual Documentary

1st Place - Zainab Malik

2nd Place - Yasmeen Abunasrah

Junior Group Exhibit

1st Place - Abubeker Jebril, Munim Hangora

3rd Place - Haniyah Rahman, Raggad Ozrail, Afia Mahima

Junior Individual Exhibit

2nd Place - Isam Gouto

Senior Group Exhibit

1st Place - Sama Shamoon, Hafsa Khan

3rd Place - Paradise Banks, Reem Mohamed

Junior Group Website

1st Place - Rukaia Barrouk, Maymuna Faqih

2nd Place - Yahya Ali, Ibrahim Osman, Nedime Sharif, Ahmed Mohamed, Eesa Hashmi

3rd Place - Reem Mohammed, Eiman Siddiqui, Hanna Shala

Senior Group Website

1st Place - Zaheen Chowdhury, Yasmeen Mannan

2nd Place - Ibrahim Malik, Fayadh Chowdhury, Ibrahim Boudaoud

Senior Individual Website

2nd Place - Jovana Valadez

1st Place - Suha Faruk

3rd Place - Aisha Duldul

Junior Individual Paper

1st Place - Aasiyah Malik

Senior Individual Paper

1st Place - Omar Jebril

2nd Place - Rawaha Iqbal


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