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  • Jana Elabiad

Student Spotlight: Musa Sheriff

Miraaj Academy with support from Islamic Relief USA hosted a food security virtual seminar to teach youth how they can take on a leadership role and bring about positive, important changes in their communities. The virtual seminar demonstrated how grassroots leadership and community service can tackle significant current problems like hunger and food insecurity. At the end of the seminar, students presented a project that reflected their knowledge and demonstrated their ability to take action on food insecurity and make a life-changing difference for people in need. Musa Sheriff, a PVS 8th grade student, participated in this seminar. The staff of Panthers Post interviewed him.

JE: What is FARM and what is your involvement in this program?

MS: FARM is a workshop that helps young people like me learn to help the people that may be less fortunate. My involvement in the workshop is that I help my group however I can, the best I can.

JE: How can other students get involved?

MS: Other students can get involved by reaching out to Sister Tahira and asking to join or they can just help people in the way they think is right.

JE: How is FARM important to the community?

MS: F.A.R.M is important to the community because it helps the people in the community with food, and aid, it also expands the mindset of many young people, so that they can help people as well.

Students can get involved by organizing events with different pantries and donation centers around the city. Specifically with Miraaj Academy, students can get in touch with Sr. Tahira or other people who frequently work with the Midtown Mosque or The Table Spread.


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