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  • Samit Ahmed and Yasmeen Abunasrah

Starting Off Fresh: The Return of the Second Semester

After a semester of being remote, the junior and senior classes at Pleasant View have finally returned back in person. The school continues to follow COVID precautions, including keeping an online option for those who are at home in the case of testing positive for coronavirus. In addition, there are some teachers who remain virtual, whether it be due to their locations or their busy schedules. The return of in-person instruction for upper high school has garnered positive reactions. The school has conveniently made use of the portables. The juniors and seniors are joyful and seem more connected to one another as they walk into class. In a way, in person makes the students feel more alive in comparison to online. The reasoning behind this is that more of an effort has to be put in place to re-adapt to the learning space.

Further, the presence of juniors and seniors has enriched the in-person learning environment of the school. The final two years of high school are crucial for students. Having been remote for longer than expected, coming back to school brought back nostalgic memories of classroom learning. At Pleasant View, students of all ages receive more than just academic instruction. They develop social and emotional skills, get exercise, and are given access to resources to help improve their academic and personal habits. Many people found it a refreshing perspective on learning in person as opposed to distractions while being virtual at home. In spite of the pandemic, being able to safely learn and interact with your classmates while having direct access to teachers has been extremely helpful for several students. Alhamdulillah, this option was possible for the students to return as other rooms were accommodated. Now, all of Pleasant View School's students could resume their on-site instruction at the school.


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