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  • Dana Shala

Senior Trip to DC

The senior AP United States Government class from Pleasant View School journeyed to Washington DC at the end of October to participate in the Americans for Justice in Palestine-Action’s 9th Annual Advocacy Days on the Hill.

For several years, PVS students have taken part in Advocacy Days, providing them with a valuable opportunity to grasp the inner workings of politics and learn how to directly influence government actions. Engaging in civic activities, such as advocacy, grants students a deeper understanding of the intricacies, complexities, and consequences of governmental choices, enhancing their classroom learning with real-world context.

The AP Government teacher at PVS, Nisreen Malley explained this, saying, “Students were able to gain first-hand experience engaging their members of Congress and using the governmental levers at their disposal to advocate for a ceasefire in Gaza, even in the face of direct pushback and opposition.”

Malley emphasized the significance of utilizing the privileges as Americans in this country to hold elected representatives and government officials accountable, particularly for Muslim students who, as she notes, truly embodied the PVS mission "to prepare scholars with a strong Islamic identity, leadership, and academic excellence making a positive contribution to the global community."

The students were able to directly meet with their Tennessee state representatives and staffers and shed light on the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza in hopes of a call for a ceasefire. The students attended intensive training for multiple days prior to the numerous meetings with congressmen and staff. The PVS twelfth grade class were also given the opportunity to visit numerous museums, including the Native American History and Holocaust Museum. The students toured the nation’s capital and explored historical sites throughout the city. 


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