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  • Harris Siddiqui


1. Tell us about yourself:

Salam Alaikum, my name is Ziad Gnedy and I've been going to pvs my whole life.

2: What are some hobbies you enjoy?:

I enjoy playing basketball and hanging out with my friends.

3: When did you come to PVS and what is your favorite thing about the school?:

I came to PVS in Pre-K and my favorite thing about this school is the friends I've made throughout all that time.

4: Do you have a favorite club or extracurricular at PVS that you take part in and if so why?

My favorite extracurricular activity has to be basketball.

5: What are your plans for after graduation?

My plans for after graduation is to attend college and hopefully earn a degree.

6: Do you have any advice for soon to be high schoolers?

My advice would be to do all your homework because it does catch up to you by the time senior year comes. It is much easier to divide four years worth of work over four years and not one year. I would also say to not waste time during these 4 years. I know it is cliche but the time flies by quickly. Join clubs and play sports and go on trips when you can with freinds.

7: What motivates you?

What motivates me to do well is the idea of being successful in the future. I always want to be the best at whatever it is that I do and I think that motivates me as well.


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