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  • Nia Yusuf

Senior Spotlight: Iman Zekaria

1. Tell us about yourself (3-4 facts)

1. My favorite hobby is art.

2. I love going on walks around my neighborhood.

3. I'm always in the kitchen helping my mother.

2. What motivates you to put forth your greatest efforts?

Everything you do now will determine your future. Knowing the fact that hard work will help me achieve greater success is what keeps me going. My parents are my biggest motivation. Their dedication to working is what motivates me to be like them. The least I can do for my parents is to show how grateful I am for everything they have done for me.

3. How do you intend to use what you have learned in PVS to benefit you as you go through life?

I have been privileged to attend an Islamic school for almost 12 years now. During these years, I have grown into a young Muslim woman. From academics to spiritual growth, I would like to spread the knowledge of Islam into the real world.

4. What advice or suggestions do you have for Freshmen, Sophomore and Juniors in high school that would help them prepare for their Senior year?

Take the opportunity to start your personal college essay before senior year. Also, get your volunteer hours done before your senior year.

5. How has the application process been so far and did you benefit from the common app week?

Personally, the application process has gone smoothly for me. I would have to say that the common app week benefited me very much. It has given me time to focus on my personal essay and my applications. It was very thoughtful of the school to give us a week to work on our applications and I'm thankful for that.

6. What is one thing you will miss about PVS when you graduate?

There are many things I will miss about PVS, but if I were to give one it would have to be the community and how everyone knows each other. Our school is like one huge family. Walking into school every morning greeted with salaam has always brought me joy.


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