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Rewarding the Seekers of Knowledge: The Hadith Competition

Every year, PVS organizes a Hadith Competition where students are given a list of authentic Arabic Hadiths with English translation to memorize and recite. Because the Hadith competition could not be held in person this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PVS was able to successfully host the Hadith Competition through Zoom to ensure safety among all judges and participants. On Friday, November 20th, over 50 students from 1st-8th grade participated in the Hadith Competition. 1st place winner 2nd grader Minahil Rehman, said, “It took me a month to prepare for the Hadiths and I was excited.” The judges were equally pleased with the successful organization of the competition. Zahra Chowdhury, one of the three judges, said, “I was really grateful to see the school continue this program in the midst of COVID. It helps to bring a sense of normalcy and familiarity for our students in these unfamiliar times. I think the students really enjoyed the competition; they were so energetic and excited about the shading and we could tell they truly understood what they were reciting.”

Even before the competition, Islamic studies and Arabic teachers were teaching students the Hadiths and aiding any students in need of help with the proper recitation of the Hadiths. The memorization of Hadiths along with the translation is beneficial to students beyond the competition itself. Lessons and Islamic advice from these texts can be applied to our lives as Muslims to help improve our Iman and character, a goal PVS has had from its inception.

*Grade-level Competition Winners:

First Grade:

1st Place:

Ibraheem Awan

Taha Iqbal

Salahedin Awad

2nd Place:

Rana Abawari

Omar Madaraty

Furqan Arif

Easa Malani

Adam Salhab

3rd Place:

Jenna Morsy

Umamah Ehtasham

Makfira Ahmed

Second Grade:

1st Place:

Aicha Sylla

Affan Quadri

Minahil Rehan

Raniya Saeed

Ilan Gouto

Juwairia Siddiqui

2nd Place:

Ismail Yusuf

Hadiya Haseeb

Hassan Makhzoum

Zarif Zaman

Amal Awan

Dalia Almoazen

Asmaa Ahmed

Luqman Sultan Ali

Zaynab Abdelhafeez

3rd Place:

Sabreen Amziane

Saad Khan

Carmen Ayyash

Ahmed Kante

Nehel Bilal

Aya Idbaih

Kinan Dulli

Third Grade:

1st Place:

Adam Esmail

Zoha Siddiqqui

Adam Ghawji

Bayyan Barrouk

Yousuf Siddiqui

Musfirah Hangora

2nd Place:

Arwa Oumoulay

Yassin Awad

Musa Khawaja

Reem Khatib

Zubair Malani

Adam Salhab

3rd Place:

Nahile Ahmed

Fourth Grade:

1st Place:

Eshan Quadri

Iyaadh Alam

Ahmed Abukhraybeh

2nd Place:

Hamza Ozrail

3rd Place:

Ali Ahmed

Zaid Arifullah

Azlan Khan

Fifth Grade:

1st Place:

Eiman Siddiqui

2nd Place:

Saber Duldul

3rd Place:

Nada Ozrail

Reem Mohammed

Sixth Grade:

1st Place:

Minha Alam

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

Rayyan Mohammed

Seventh Grade:

1st Place:

Humza Siddiqui

Farzaan Quadri

2nd Place:

Teanir Yusuf

Sarah Abukhraybeh

3rd Place:

Ezzedin Awad

Eighth Grade:

1st Place:

Muzna Hangora

Fayadh Chowdhury

Reem Mohammed

2nd Place:

Nagham Makhzoum

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