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  • Yusuf Mannan

PVS Welcomes Afghan Refugees

Over the past 6 months, the Immigration Advocacy Group at Pleasant View School has been working hard to prepare for the waves of Afghan refugees arriving in Memphis, escaping political turmoil in their home country. Many refugees have already come to Memphis or are coming soon. With many of these families having young children, it was essential for the Memphis community to help ease some of the troubles that refugees may find such as buying supplies for their children when they start school. Little details such as the lack of school supplies can be overlooked when people think about what refugees need when they move to a new home.

Starting in December 2021, the Immigration Reform Advocacy group, in collaboration with AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council), is running a school supply drive requesting brand-new supplies like backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and sharpeners. So far, the drive has been extremely successful as the boxes overfill from the surplus of supplies the PVS family donated for the cause. The drive is an exemplary paradigm of the morals the PVS community holds, and how the school comes together whenever any one in the city is in need. This has been another successful event for the PVS Immigration Advocacy Group, which has strived to make a difference in the local Memphis and Muslim community. Inshallah, all the supplies will eventually be distributed to the Afghan families as they come, and it will ease their transition into this new American environment.


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