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  • Zaheen Chowdhury

PVS Team Places in Top 16 at Tennessee Science Bowl

The National Science Bowl (NSB), sponsored by The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), is an academic science and math knowledge competition for high school students across the nation. Before the national competition, one team from each state is chosen to compete in the national competition. This year, 52 teams from different parts of Tennessee competed with the hope of representing TN in the national competition. PVS sent one team made up of 5 high school students: Emir Celikok (12), Naisha Chowdhury (11), Zaid Hadidi (11), Jana Elabiad (11), and Amin Awad (9).

Dr. Farhana Chowdhury, the coach for the PVS Science Bowl team, explains that the Science Bowl tests both the speed and knowledge of students. “The science bowl questions cover a wide range of science disciplines including biology, chemistry, earth science, astronomy, physics, energy, and math. This competition is in a fast-paced question and answer format where students buzz to answer.”

To prepare for the competition, Dr. Chowdhury guides a team of dedicated students willing to represent PVS at the competition. She says, “I allocate specific areas of science to each student so each student is responsible for reviewing two or three major areas of science.” The team has weekly practices where they work on various strategies, science concepts, and practice problems.

On February 27th, the PVS Science Bowl team participated in 3 rounds of competition and qualified for the next level, ranking among the top 48 teams. The next level of competition, consisting of single elimination rounds, was held on March 6. After participating in three elimination rounds, PVS placed in the top 16 teams in the state. Dr. Chowdhury comments on the progress of the team, saying, “I am extremely proud of our team. Every year the team is getting stronger in their performance.”

Dr. Chowdhury is already preparing for next year. She says, “InshaAllah I plan to practice more complex ideas and concepts with my team next year, so I will be needing dedicated students to continue the PVS Science Bowl team in the future.”

The PVS Science Bowl team will be saying goodbye to a valued member of the team, Emir Celikok. Celikok has been participating in the Science Bowl since 2018, when the team was first created. He describes the competition as “competitive, adrenaline-filled, and even somewhat strategic,” drawing him to participate as a team member every year. He says that the improvement he himself has witnessed over just a few years in the PVS team is unbelievable. He also encourages future Science Bowl members “to enjoy the experience” but “also understand the dedication of the top teams.” Lastly, he prays that Allah grants success to the science bowl team and the dedicated principal, staff members, teachers, and students of PVS.


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