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  • Yusuf Mannan and Ali Sultan Ali

PVS Students Win Usmani Foundation Leadership Award

The Usmani Foundation has always been a major supporter of Pleasant View School’s mission of academic excellence. The support of the Usmani Foundation enables Pleasant View School to help students develop their academic and leadership skills through their generous support. Funding from the Usmani Foundation has been critical for the academic success of its students; in fact, the Usmani Foundation has provided monetary prizes for those who show leadership skills and academic excellence for years.

Pleasant View School students have always been active in the community, whether it’s leading initiatives or organizing community service clubs. The Usmani Foundation acknowledged the leadership efforts of three special students last school year. The students who won the prestigious Usmani Foundation Leadership Award are Naisha Chowdhury, Jana Elabiad, and Zaheen Chowdhury.

First place winner Naisha Chowdhury gave advice for younger students who want to make an impact in their society. “There are so many opportunities to create new clubs and participate in existing clubs at PVS. Alhamdulillah, being a part of the Memphis Muslim and local community allows us to meet different people with different experiences and circumstances. There is so much going on in Memphis- there’s always a way to find something to do, some person to help, or some place to get involved.” Many students often don’t realize how much they can do in the community until they actually start researching opportunities. There are plentiful sources even solely within the muslim community to make a powerful impact, and learn leadership skills.” Second place Jana Elabiad also offered advice, “Do what you like and are passionate about as well. Don't stop when there are barriers.” Sometimes, we can get discouraged by the obstacles we see due to hardships or the amount of work required, but we should never give up. Students like Naisha, Jana, and Zaheen are setting stones for the future and providing the community in Memphis with great service.


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