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  • Yusuf Mannan

PVS Students Participate in CBU Engineering Workshop

In March, a group of Pleasant View School high school students enrolled in the Christian Brothers University’s Packaging Engineering workshop conducted by Dr. Pong Malasri. Dr. Malasari is a registered professional engineer in the State of Tennessee and engineering professor at CBU. While the workshop is usually conducted in person, this year the workshop was held in a virtual format, and PVS students were invited to participate. Students were introduced to an extremely important industry: the packaging industry. Course material was taken from three packaging courses offered at Christian Brothers University: PKG 101 Introduction to Packaging, PKG 315 Packaging Materials, and PKG 319 Principles of Packaging. Students were able to discover the world of packaging and see if they were interested in pursuing this field in the future. Eman Yousuf, a junior, said, “The CBU packaging workshop was a very immersive and interesting experience. Although it was virtual, it was still very interactive with all the presentations and videos available. It furthered my interest in packaging engineering.”

Many high school students are not sure of what profession they would like to pursue, so educational opportunities such as the CBU Packaging workshop can help students recognize their interests. This course introduced students to a field they may not have otherwise considered. In order to receive the certificate of completion, students had to complete 70% of the homework taken from the lessons created by Dr. Malasri. Nineteen high school students from 9-12th grades completed the course and received their certificates.

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