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  • Aribah Morshed

PVS Students Apply for Art Grant

Teachers are the keys to success for students. At PVS, our teachers help us grow as students and go to great lengths to help us learn. Throughout the years, students have shown their appreciation for the teachers to the best of our abilities. To show our gratitude, we manage many activities such as giving our teachers gifts and cards during teacher appreciation week. Last year, during virtual school, a class of sophomores went around showing thank you signs to all their teachers during their classes as a way to remind their teachers that they are thankful for them. Despite our efforts, it doesn't counterbalance the endeavor our teachers carry out. For the sake of their students, many teachers use money from their own pockets to create a better environment for their students to enhance their learning experience. This year, a few students collaborated together and applied for a grant to express and support their teachers' exertion.

ICNA Relief has created a grant to provide funds for Islamic school teachers. The rewards go up to $2,000 and are awarded to about 50 participants. The money is only to be used for supplies and resources. This year, a video was made so that the art department can apply for it. PVS students produced, directed, and designed the video which featured clips of student artwork and was voiced over by Zainab Malik (junior), Aisha Ahmed (senior), and Afia Sushma (senior) who talked about how the art department has impacted them and other students. Malik addressed how art is needed as an outlet for artistically inclined students to enhance their skills. PVS “cultivating” these aptitudes will impact society beyond Memphis. Additionally, in the 21st century, Muslim students and Islamic representation in art and media is limited and needs to be exhibited further. Moreover, society is heading towards a more technological era, which has led to an emphasis/increased interest in digital art. The skill set that comes with digital art will benefit students heading towards art expertise. It encompases things such as photoshop and filmotography. One may think that filmography or photography skills are only needed by photo or videographers but it can be utilised by everyone. Skills that come with that concept are looking at the world in a different perspective or being able to view the bigger picture from places it seems impossible to do so.

If this grant is accepted, the money will be used by the art department. They will exert the reward to obtain programs and apps which will assist students on the journey of digital art. These include apps such as adobe photoshop or student packs as well as digital devices. With these they hope to extend the art department’s sectors.


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