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  • Muadth Malley

PVS Student Won First Place in Shelby County Science Fair

Pleasant View School Junior, Naisha Chowdhury, won first place in the Memphis-Shelby County Science and Engineering Fair for her project on regenerative medicine and noninvasive treatment plans for tissue and bone regeneration. She says, “My personal interest was applying this treatment plan for dental purposes and so my research has focused on that application.” She has been working on this project for over two years and has been working closely with a UofM professor and joined her lab group. Her project “has significant prospect in the field of regenerative medicine because the use of hydrogels, as both a scaffold for bone regrowth and to deliver drugs, can significantly help shorten recovery times after bone tissue damage.”

She says, “It's been a very lengthy and difficult process but all research work is like that. My current work has taken from all the mistakes and failures in the work I did in previous years. If I look at my first year of research, I'd say I completely failed, but in retrospect, I have learned so much about research work in general as well as different components of my own work.” She will continue as one of five qualifiers from the state of Tennessee to the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair which will be held virtually this year from May 3-6.


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